Founder and CEO of SPI Entertainment talks Las Vegas shows

This week's Vegas Revealed podcast includes an interview with Adam Steck. Steck is the founder and CEO of SPI Entertainment. The company runs many shows and experiences on the strip like, Thunder from Down Under, Boyz II Men, Australian Bee Gees, Hans Klok, Night School 4 Girls, and more. Since the shutdown in Las Vegas, shows have suffered. They are still dark today, because ticketed events aren't allowed yet, even though many of the resort casinos have opened. Steck talks to Vegas Revealed about how they have coped, how the artists are making due and getting creative, and what changes we can expect to see once they get the green light. He also shares his thoughts on where he sees Las Vegas entertainment going over the next year or so. SPI also runs the popular show Human Nature. The vocal group from Australia recently announced they would not return to the Venetian, because of COVID-19. They made a group decision to put things on hold, until they see crowds getting back to normal. They have performed in Las Vegas for 11 years, and Steck says we haven't seen the last of them. 


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